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Enabling OSD with duplicate UUID in Configuration Manager

This is a topic I have been meaning to post about for a while. It’s a bit of a gem […]

Hard Disk Drive Coasters

Working with IT can leave you with a lot of spare and sometimes broken/useless components. One of which is dud […]

Moving a WordPress blog in IIS

When looking at moving my blog from a sub directory to the root directory of my site I did a […]

Setting up an Exchange Account on Windows Phone 8

This is just a quick post on setting up an Exchange account on Windows Phone 8. I am using a […]

Setting Up Outlook Anywhere

Setting up Outlook Anywhere is a simple task from the client side. Providing that everything is set up on the […]

Updated Network Architecture

Like I said before my network has taken many shapes and recently its changed again! After a long think I […]

Discovering the benefits of backups

Running backups seems like an obvious thing to do but can easily be forgotten when your busy. This isn’t a […]

Network Architecture

My network has taken many shapes in the couple of year since I first started it. Originally when it was […]

In the beginning . . .

The first server I set up was an old Dell PowerEdge 600SC. At first because I was new to all […]