Network Architecture

My network has taken many shapes in the couple of year since I first started it. Originally when it was just two servers I had them both linked to my main broadband router allowing me to configure them without the complications of having them on a different IP class with a different subnet.

Easy enough. This was the simplest form of my network it didn’t really do a lot at this stage I just used it to test on and build my knowledge. The two server where what is now my old web server which is now just a VPN server and an old Pentium 3. The more powerful of the two which was the Dell 600SC ran pretty much anything I could think of. At one stage it ran a dedicated BF2 server which much to my surprise actually got used by a few players when they stumbled across it in the server list. The old Pentium 3 which was a Dell 1400SC just ran a Ventrilo server which never got used but did the job.

After a few years of adding servers when I had some spare time and money my network had developed in to this:

Quite a big jump aye. This didn’t happen over night though like I said this was a few years on and off work. I thought I would do a few designs in Visio just to give you an idea of what it started out like and what it is today. This isn’t to say it wont change again. Once I have completed a project I soon start to think of new ways to build on it and make it even more ridiculous.