Updated Network Architecture

Like I said before my network has taken many shapes and recently its changed again! After a long think I decided to move and condense all the server roles from all 5 servers on to just the 2 most powerful. These are the 2 Dell Poweredge 830’s. I use powerful in a lose scene of the term as compared to what you would find in a business they are pretty low spec. However they each have a dual x64 processor with 6Gb of RAM which is plenty for my needs for a test/hobby environment. I moved over the the active directory domain controller, DNS, DHCP and other roles off the old Dell 600sc’s on to the Dell 820’s. I did my best to split the roles so that both servers would have about the same load. Below is an updated network diagram of how my network looks at the moment:

Home Network Updated

As you can see the layout hasn’t changed much since my last update, only now there are 2 servers running apposed to 5. As I said earlier I did my best to balance the load between the 2 servers. This seems to have paid off as they both seem to cope with no issues. I decommissioned the other 3 servers freeing up a lot of space and electricity. All that’s left now is to try and find a new home for them!