About Me

In my day to day life I am an IT Technician. I spend a lot of time working with various hardware both client and server side. From SAN’s, NAS’s and servers to printers, projectors, interactive whiteboards and workstations. I also cover a lot of network infrastructure such as switches, routers, wireless access points and some VOIP.

I work mostly with Microsoft based software including Windows, Windows Sever, all the goodies that come with it of course! (AD DS, Group Policy, DNS, DHCP, Certification Authority and Hyper-V, etc.) and of course System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.

I also deal with a lot of other various software, from CAPITA’s Information Management System and Finance Management System, to heaps of educational software and services.

I am also a ‘Technical Member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology’ (TMIET) and am also professionally registered with the Engineering Council (ICTTech).

I cover a lot of areas in my job and have come across my fair share of head scratchers in my time! This is why I decided to invest a bit of time writing about a few of them.

Having spent hours in the past searching for a solution to many different problems I thought I might be able to help others who may come across similar issues. So hopefully you will find something useful and save yourself some stress in the process!