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Clean-up ContentLib in Configuration Manager

In the past I have had problems with the content library (ContentLib) in Configuration Manager taking up more disk space […]

Bulk Update Regional and Time Zone Settings for Exchange Online Mailboxes

I have been asked a few times by end users why the time and date are displayed incorrectly when they […]

Installing a custom SSL certificate on a UniFi Controller

Over the last year we have been implementing more and more Ubiquiti hardware, mostly their UniFi range. As for the […]

Configuring RADIUS authentication for a wireless network (802.1x EAP)

Setting up a reliable and secure wireless network is a key part of today’s infrastructure. It has always been a […]

Enabling Office 365 Modern Authentication (OAuth)

When using office 365 there are a few things that can be done to make using the whole service a […]

Microsoft Open Value Subscription and KMS Keys

Year on year our Microsoft volume licensing subscription gets renewed and I have very little issue. In our environment we […]

Deploying Operating Systems on BIOS and UEFI based machines

Due to UEFI becoming more common in new machines I decided to start looking at building and capturing system images […]

Shrinking Dynamic Virtual Hard Disks

When working with a virtualised server I came across an issue. The virtual server kept going into a suspended state. […]

Manually Merging .AVHD to .VHD

One of the features in Hyper-V is the ability to take snapshots of your virtual machine. This allows you to […]