Setting up an Exchange Account on Windows Phone 8

This is just a quick post on setting up an Exchange account on Windows Phone 8. I am using a Nokia Lumia 920. It’s pretty self explanatory but I thought I would run through it anyway. Firstly you need to navigate to Settings > email+accounts. This will then present you with a list of current e-mail accounts. Next click ‘add an account’ which will give you multiple options to choose what type of account you would like to add, be it Exchange, Windows Live, Facebook, Google, etc.

wp_ss_20130501_0001Normally you would just click Outlook at the top which would allow you to enter your Exchange account details and the phone would discover the rest by contacting your Exchange server. However I have found this isn’t always the case especially if your mail server is a sub domain of your domain name. For example might be pointing at your web server and might be pointing at your email server. In most cases the 2 would be at the same IP address which wouldn’t cause a problem. However in other cases they could be hosted in 2 different places or just on 2 different IP addresses. In this case it is easier to use ‘advanced setup’ which will allow you to specify the mail server manually. After selecting this you need to enter your email address and password:

wp_ss_20130501_0002Then select how you would like to connect to your mail server. As we are connecting to an exchange account with ActiveSync enable, we can select ‘Exchange ActiveSync’. However you can still connect using IMAP or POP so long as this has been setup on the mail server:

wp_ss_20130501_0003Fill in the rest of you details including your user name and domain in which you are connecting to:

wp_ss_20130501_0004And the rest of your details which includes the URL of your exchange server and what you want the email account to be called on your phone. There is also the option to enable SSL which is required by exchange to run ActiveSync. Also set the options to state when new mail should be downloaded and how many days worth. Also what information you want to sync from your account:

wp_ss_20130501_0007wp_ss_20130501_0008After you hit ‘sign in’ providing all the information is correct and your exchange server is set up correctly your email account will sync and be ready to use.