Setting Up Outlook Anywhere

Setting up Outlook Anywhere is a simple task from the client side. Providing that everything is set up on the server side correctly you shouldn’t have any problems. This is easier said then done as it took a fair bit of trial, error and Googling to get mine working properly! I am going to run through the steps to setting up Outlook Anywhere. To start you need to go to Control Panel > Mail. Which will allow you to configure you e-mail accounts.

Next you need to tick the box which says ‘Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP’.

Next click ‘Exchange Proxy Settings’ which will bring up the next window. This is where you state the connection setting for your Exchange server. Input your server URL and weather you want Outlook to always try connecting through HTTP first before it tries a TCP/IP connection. Also select which authentication you want to use. Generally Basic for a non domain machine and NTLM for a domain machine. Or you can just leave it as Negotiate which will choose the best depending on your settings.

To get some information on the connection between Outlook and Exchange you can view the Connection Status window by holding down control and right clicking on the Outlook icon in the task bar.

This shows you information about you connection. It shows you your exchange proxy server (the server which has the client access role of Exchange to allow Outlook Anywhere) and also gives you the actual FQDN of the exchange server. Along with ports, the interface in use and which connection type is being used (HTTP or TCP/IP).